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Ostarine (MK-2866)

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Sample size:  50ml  |  25mg/ml  |  1250mg  |  99% Purity

M.Wt: 389.33
Formula: C19H14F3N3O3
Solubility: DMSO
Purity: >99%
Storage: at 20℃ 2 years
Half life: 24 hours
CAS No.: 841205-47-8

Activity of Ostarine (MK-2866):

MK-2866 is an androgen receptor modulator (SARM) with anabolic activity. Lack of PSA increases further corroborated selective anabolic effects of Ostarine (MK-2866). Ostarine (MK-2866) also resulted in a dose-dependent decrease in LDL and HDL cholesterol levels, with the average LDL/HDL ratio remaining in the low risk category.

SARMs create selective anabolic activity at certain androgen receptors and not others, hence their name. SARMs such as MK-2688 do not have androgenic activity in non-skeletal tissues.


*This article is intended for educational / informational purposes only.

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Store at room temperature out of direct light.

This product is for in vitro testing and laboratory experimentation.

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Testing Documentation
Full Testing documentation will be uploaded to individual pages soon. To request it prior to this please email us at info@researchsarms.co.uk
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